27 November 2021
Annual Bereavement Reflection

Tough Climb

There were times
I would have
Given up
The climb
Had I been
But your words
Of encouragement
Kept me going

You were at ease
On those slopes
Having been there
But you understood
My weakness
And the pain
That invaded
My bones
‘Till there was
No energy left
To maintain

Though surefooted
And capable
Of forging ahead
At a quicker pace

You held back
To walk with me
In my vulnerability

And together
We reached
That place
Where there was
Purity of Light
And a moment
Of feeling
Deeply a part
Of the earth

Relaxed and peaceful
Silence roared
Within me
And I knew
Deep in my gut
The joy
Of reaching
New heights
The harshness
Of the journey