28 July 2021
Fr. Patrick



Father Patrick


23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Year C

Tullamore Parish

5th September 2010.

I suppose at this stage some of you  are probably a little bit curious as to where I am from, and what I’m like. To answer the first question – I’m not originally from Co Offaly. I was born in Westmeath and as home for me for the last four years was Ratoath I also have some Meath Blood. Previous to that I worked for a year in Kingscourt, so that means I also have some Caven blood.  Now it  looks as if I’m going to have  Offaly blood- some combination!!!! As regards to what im like- I don’t usually give long homilies and I’m partial to the odd pint!

I’m originally from Mullingar a few miles outside of town, I have one sister and one brother and Mam and Dad. I trained in Maynooth for seven years and I even spent two months here as a deacon in 2004. I spent four very happy years in Ratoath and was very sad to be leaving. Ratoath might ring a bell with you for that is where Fr Frank McNamera was PP for 14 years before retiring to Tullamore. Its not easy for the Bishop in appointing priests and I am sure you are all sad to part with Padraig but I suppose the Bishop has to look at the overall picture of the diocese and as he says himself Priests don’t grow on trees any more!   I d like to thank him for the last two good appointments and I thank him for appointing me here as curate in Tullamore. I have heard great things about the parish, who hasn’t in the diocese! Hopefully I ll get a longer run here. I d like to wish Padraig well I know he has worked hard here especially in establishing links with the young people, I know you will all miss him. But hopefully he won’t be a stranger to Tullamore.

I am a priest within a church that struggles, but it is also a church where Christs presence is so real in the people, in the Word , and in the Eucharist. The Churches image may not always be what I would like. It is imperfect in that it reflects the imperfection that we have as human beings. But Christ’s presence in the Church not only gives us hope, but it raises us up beyond our imperfection to a life that reveals the image of God that we are created in.

Working closely with people on the ground and helping people realize there own gifts and talents and how they can contribute these to parish life gave me great joy in Ratoath. I look forward to working closely with the huge amount of parish groups and initiatives here in Tullamore, and also with the dedicated parish team, thus carrying on the great work of those good priests of the present and past. I look forward to your support and friendship.