28 July 2021
Our Lady of Clonfert Novena

Our Lady of Clonfert Novena

During the 13th and 14th centuries, the native craftsmen of Ireland made wooden carvings of Christ, the Madonna and Child and the saints. In later centuries during the time of the Penal Laws in Ireland, which were meant to put down the Catholic Faith, many persecutions took place. These persecutions included the destruction of holy carvings and other holy artefacts. In order to preserve these holy relics and artefacts, they were hidden in various places.

Early in the nineteen century, in the small town of Clonfert, a woodcutter was cutting down an old oak tree. The tree began to bleed. In the hollow oak tree was a wooden carving of the Madonna and Child. The woodcutter had cut off the left arm of the Madonna, The carving was traced back to the 17th century.

The Madonna was first taken to the local church to be honoured on its altar. They tried to  take it to the local Cathedral; however, the statue kept turning back toward Clonfert. It was finally returned to its place on the altar there.

In 1932, the carving was carried in the procession at the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin. This icon has been instrumental in the granting of may favours, prayers and petitions through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Each year during the month of May, a daily Eucharistic celebration is held in the tiny church of Our Lady of Clonfert. Hundreds of people come from miles around to pray, be reconciled, be healed and to receive the holy Eucharist. Many make the journey three times during the month of May – praying and placing their petitions before the Madonna and Child lighting a holy candle at each visit.

May 201 Evening at 8pm Saturday 7pm
22nd – Mgr. C Geraghty Cathedral Loughrea
23rd – Fr. C. O’Byrne Benediction Blessing of Babies 4pm
24th Fr. Mi Reddan SVD Birr
25th – Fr. Mi Kennedy Eddie Stones ‘Family Values’
26th Fr. Simon Cadam ‘Bereavment Journey’
27th Fr. Benny Mc Hale Gallyhaunis
28th Fr. B. Quinlivan
29th Mgr Alan Malone Eyrecourt

For Further Information Contact – Parish Secretary Nuala Tel: 090-9675113