28 March 2020
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Mahen GOBURDHUN from Mauritius: My wife veena

Please do help my wife veena in prayer as she has cancer last stage and water has spread into her whole body.she is admitted in hospital and is very weak. Thanks

sony rajan from India: HEALING

please pray for me,since 2009 i am suffering with anxiety and depression problem,because of this i am afraid to go anywhere.i lost everything in life because of this anxiety problem.i am 36 yrs old so far I m unmarried .i also wish to have a blessed marriage life and a good wife children.because of anxiety i don't have job,i lost my house living in a rent house with my mother.so please pray to lord to completely heal me and bless my life with peace,goodhealth and financial prosperity..

Alfred from Maine, USA: For Christmas Miracle of Salvation!!!

Please pray for Eric's Christmas Miracle!!! "Dearest Holy Mother, have mercy on Eric. Please bless his Advent and Christmas Season. Pray that The Holy Spirit to touch Eric's heart so that he will be prepared for the Christmas Season. May he be truly open to God's healing love. May the babe of Bethlehem be The Christ that is born again in his heart. Mother of Mercy, pray for his conversion and salvation. Please keep him safe in the name of Jesus Christ…Amen’’

michael moore from Canada: A Financial Miracle to Cover Rent

Pray for Ilidio & Nardi. They need a Financial Miracle to Pay Their Dec. 1, Rent. There Hasn't been Work for Ilidio In the Last 3 Weeks. Thank you for Your Prayers & Support.

Magdalena Lovejoy from Canada: abduction

please pray to Jesus to remove the self-consciousness program called Miryatena, a cult identity formation with the cult Bet Urim and immediately notify the Canadian government of an abduction in my mind muscle so that I can be healed, as I am a doctor of philosophy from York University sitting in Nusa Dua in the Source where I am being held hostage by this program of a Balinese woman, who is killing me with a human violation, and the Balinese woman is threating to kill me in 10 years and she is moving my soul from my body and putting a black spot on my solar plexis. Thank you, Magdalena Lovejoy

Korina from Croatia: salation of a loved one

Could you please pray for salvation of my mom Kornelija.I would like her to have fulness of life in Jesus, a relationship, not just a dead religion. Please pray she would have assurance of salvation in His Name. Pray He would have mercy on my entire family  like He had in Acts 16. In Jesus Name!

Phil Chavez from US:

Excellent health from head to toe for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Debt gone from Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name.

Gino George from United States: Prayer request for my son Ryan

Dear all friends in Jesus Christ, Please pray for my son Ryan George who is undergoing the treatment for Autism. Please request our God to send holy spirit on Ryan. Also consider all other kids and parents who are facing similar situations. Thanks in advance and God bless you.

Rick from SG: An urgent prayer request for Financial miracle

The debt collector asked me to go to their office 2 days ago, they told me to go and sign an installment plan. When I was there, they locked the door, turned off the CCTV and 3 guys started to kick, punch and beat me at least 30 to 40 times. They kicked my kidney and stomach area, my chest, my hands , head, back and legs. It hurts but I still give thanks to God for sparing my life, I am sure the pain is nothing in comparison to the sufferings and pain Jesus went through when He died for me on the cross. I can't make a report on them cos they will do harm to my family and me. The debt collector gave me till tomorrow, which is less than 15 hours for me to pay up at least 80k, but I have nothing with me. Please continue to pray for me, honestly, I have this thought of taking my own life tomorrow. I need God to help me, send me a financial miracle. Only He can help me. All my friends left me, no one is helping. Even those whom I helped before and some owed me monies also refused to reply to me or return me my monies. So sorry to trouble you and made you listen to my sorrows. May God bless you. Thank you Rick

Zalan Kovari from Magyarország: healing

I study for a high school teacher This is my last year of university and I have to finish my thesis by December 1st. It is important that I can take all practice lessons and take 2 practice exams. I have more problems due to stress: foot edema, obesity, hernia.

michael moore from Canada: Gods Help for my BEST FRIEND

Pray for Fahd, He Needs Gods Help, & Protection. Thank you.


My mother KALAWATI VISHWAS NAVGIRE is suffering from CANCER AND ISCHAMIC STROKE . Last year on 4th November 2017 , my mother has undergone major surgery of OVARIAN CANCER . But due stroke , blood clotted in brain , due to which my mother has lossed her speech and memory . So my mother doesn’t take post surgery chemotherapy for cancer treatment. Unfortunately ,cancer cells are now starts to growing in her operated areas . My mother’s condition is very critical . Due to brain is not working properly , my mother has very difficulty in swallowing food and drinking water . She can’t open her eyes due to blockage in 7th nerve. Please prayer in your SUNDAY CHURCH SERVICE for destroying of cancer cells and tissues in my mother’s body and for dissolving of blood clots in brain for healing my mother. THANKS FOR YOUR MIRACULOUS , POWERFUL , VALUABLE PRAYER SUPPORT . WITH GREAT REGARDS IN HIS NAME

TAHKAI KONYAK from INDIA: Please for Miss POLEM to reunite the broken relationship.

Prayer request I Mr. Tahkai please prayer for relationship which is breaking away last Sunday his name. is Miss Polem we both are from same village Nagaland India. We support to marriage by 2020 but, She left me without any proper reason, just for some thing misunderstanding between us, it is so hurt, pain and sorrowful for me I can not live without her, I expense so many amount for her studies during her M. Com degree. Now she left me away, but I believe God can change her mind through your prayer support, now I need your prayer support to bring it back once again and reunite the broken relationship. Thank you

Dominika from Polska:

Please pray for me, l need God's help, l suffer from many health issues. Please pray that Lord will have mercy on me. May God bless you

Emilio from Peru: DEPRESSION

Please pray to overcome a strong depression. I know that the causes are ridiculous, typical of complexes, but I have no resolution to ignore them and, overwhelmed, I surrender to depression. Sometimes I would like to die, as I love to die, because I am tired of living like this, complexed, depressed, with very little faith. Thank you, honestly.

Sandra from Tullamore Ireland: Plee for help!

Please God give me strength and healing to accept and adjust to my illness, and motivation to keep my promise to you, thank you Lord. Amen

Michael Beier from Germany: Healing and Restoration

Dear Pastor I need healing from diabetes, kidney failure, brain problems. Thanks so much

deepak gaikwad from India: DEPRESSION AND EMOTIONAL

Dear pastor Sir, I have a request to you please pray for me because my condition is very very seriously Pastor, my life has been terrible and dangerous. Mental illness has entered my life for 7 years. Many clinics, medicines and pills were taken. But, there is no health. Pastor, my life is on the road to death. I send you a prayer request daily, Pastor, doctor told me that you can never be healed now. Pastor, may the divine power of Jesus give me health My life is so scared What will happen to my life and health? Pastor, I've been challenged by a doctor. It is difficult to get rid of this mental illness through prayer. So pray for me so that I can show the doctor that through prayer, I can get health. Pastor, there's more to tell you. That is, no one has understood why there is mental illness, why evil power, why physical illness. Pastor, I get scared, stress, tension, headaches everyday. unhappiness, anxiety, and anxiety this trouble evryday feeling like that

Jesu from India:

My name is Jesu and I'm from India.i need a job.. please pray for me.

justin stanly from India: prayer for healing

I have been suffering from mental depression for the past 10 years and I am taking medicine for it. Please pray to God that I may be healed from this disease and bless me with a good job and suitable life partner. I am heart broken and cannot find peace and happiness in my life. Please pray to GOD to give me the confidence to face life boldly

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