24 February 2020
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michael nainaar from south africa: prayer for mum

please pray for my mum she is in coma from 10 feb 2019. she has kidney failure and possible brain damage

Anand Kumar from India: Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health

Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, and parents health I have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased, i am trying hard to Job change so that I can clear debts. ( inspite of all the issues, I am paying my tithe to my Church regularly).

Philip Mathew from Malaysia : Healing For My Son

Dear Lord My son will be undergoing a brain surgery on 28 Mar 19 to remove a congenital nerve malformation ( AVM) in his brains. If you will Lord, please heal him with your healing hands so that there is no need for surgery If he has to go through the surgery, please be with the Neurosurgeon and his team guiding them through the surgery so that all will be well with him Amen Philip

Maria C from India: Pray for safe delivery and peace and unity in family

Thank you for all your prayers for me and my family. This is my 9th month of pregnancy and my due date is given from 21st to 23rd Feb. Please Pray for safe delivery and peace and unity in family.

Anonymous from Anonymous : Prayer for Sick Best Friend Ann

Lord God I’m so afraid for our best friend Ann. Please bless her with victory in healing&recovery I pray she won’t need aggressive treatment but instead by the power of the Holy Spirit will receive phenomenal healing. I pray for great news about Ann that will Make my heart so happy

Asha from India: Pray for my Husband- Manoj

Please pray that Jesus takes away all my Husband’s frustrations, especially related to his job as well as his sickness and fill him with the holy spirit and protection, good payment job and healing. Thank you in Jesus name

Julian Simplicio Fernandes from India: Deliverance healing protection and blessings of asmita

Please pray Jesus takes away all my Daughter's frustrations, hopelessness, despair and fill her with the holy spirit of joy, peace, forgiveness, healings, protection, blessings and holy life partner extends help to her on all issues viz good payment job career, accommodation, finances, land deal situation peace and in her marital life Thank you in Jesus name

Brother Corley from United States:

I request prayer that I will raise the needed funds for my stage play.

Philip from Malaysia: Healing For My Son

Dear Lord Jesus My son has a nerve malformation in his brains. If not treated it will cause a stroke. The neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on 12 Jan 19. Please be with the Neurosurgeon and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If you will Lord, please heal my son so that the brain embolization is not needed. May all be will with my son Lord Jesus Amen

ludovic sarraz-bournet from France: healing please

new prayer PLEASE still i ask Jesus to heal oksana , a widow in kiev, ukraine (she can t work) and help nastia -her daughter student_to live a decent life with more christian friends and be luckier. also ,ioulia the christian grand-mother poor. as for me that God shows me what to do to succeed in my life thanks a lot for your former PRAYERS ludovic sarraz-bournet, france

jay from usa: financial stress

Holy Lord Jesus bless cesar and joel, heal them from all illness and protect them from all evil. They are struggling financially. Please help them to make all bill payments, and to prosper and succeed in their jobs, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

hilario n. llamas jr from philippines: for trimph over infernal enemies

Please pray for protection and forgiveness of sins, healing to have a true friend, deliverance conversion of ma paunil remedios, nina mae sapalgio carlo jay benjamin jacquilyn lim, for the repose of souls of paul evert, harper, goyet, mario, charles

Anonymous from Anonymous :

Lord a God please bless my family and me and my best friend Ann with deep powerful healing with joy and happiness in Christ in Jesus name

Philip B from United States: Prayer Miracle

Please help me pray to save my marriage. My wife left 12 months ago and no communication. She has gone back to her non-christian practices. And my family, business & home are going through a lot of financial turmoil. I pray to cancel any evil affecting me and my family forever. I ask God in the name of Jesus Christ and through the precious blood of Jesus spilled at Calvary to help me and my family with grace and blessings. Amen! Thank you and May God Bless all your work and grant all your prayers!

Shiny Norbert from Canada: Conversion of Clone Abusers in Argentine Antarctica

Please pray for the conversion of prisoner abusers as well as clone abusers in Argentine Antarctica. Thanks.

Allan from Usa:

Please pray to our lady for the intentions of our pope Francis and for the online Holysouls Purgatory Project. Glory and thanks be to God

devadas from MALAYSIA: financial debt

Please hear my heart's cry to be financially strong and a stable financial provider and bread winner for my family and clear my debt. Thank you so much.

zep from usa: financial

Jesus Christ, please bless Miguel, Luz, Sonia, Joel, Jose, Oscar, Betty, Noe, Waldo, Cesar, Carlos, Teresa, Clemen and their families. Protect them of all illness, all evil, all enemies, and help them prosper in life.

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