30 April 2017
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nisha papachan from India: prayer for missing friend

dear brother im writing from india. im asking to pray for keerthi who went on missing from 13/4/17. he was on depression and on treatment. kindly pray for him to come back home. please brother

George Polk from United States:

I pray for employment and favour my fiancee, Stephy, and me. I pray for good positions and pay for us both.

sathyam naidu from India: Job change

Praise the lord! My name is Sathya. I am a physically challenged person. Please pray for me so that I can understand the will of the Lord going forward in my career.

Elizabeth Chong from Malaysia: Prayer for Financial Miracle

Please help and pray for me. I have been facing financial hardship for a few years now. My debts keep piling up and it has became worse and so unbearable that only God's miraculous help can rescue me. Please grant me speedy help, God. Amen.

Hepzibah Mary from Gujarat, India: Prayer for reconciliation

I had a friend and he was my dearest and best friend. There was great love and understanding between us. We were there for each other. I loved him greatly and still love him. He means a lot to me. But in January we had a small misunderstanding and since then he has stopped talking to me. I tried many times to set things right between us but he is adamant. He ignores all my messages and it has greatly affected me. He is the only friend I have. I miss him greatly. I am emotionally disturbed. I have been praying to God to give him back to me. I humbly request you to pray for me – for my friend to understand. He also needs emotional and physical healing. He is very sick.

gery from jakarta - indonesia: Prayer request

Please pray with me.Dear God help me to remove all unwanted,dark spirits attached on me.I really don't know how to explain it but sometimes i can feel very clear there's unfriendly spirit attached on me and my body feel more heavy .Help me to crushed all my debt and poverty situation,all this evil traps.Bless me God with new real good life,new real good job,prosperity.Amen

Shomir from Dhaka: I need a good job

Please pray for I need a good payment job. please pray for my mission work. Please pray for my family. Shomir, Dhaka.

Amulya from Usa: Prayer request for husband job

Me and my husband got recently married. My husband lost his job just few days before the marriage. He's trying everyday and night to get a job and start our life happily. O Lord please bless us and show mercy on us and show us a path to live happily with a new job.

Sanaboina Sri Siva rama krishna vara prasad from India: I need to marry my lover and need to get good Job

Dear Lord, I pray to marry my partner in Our Master's Presence and with our parents acceptance. Please also pray that I get a good job. Please pray for me, dear brothers and sisters.

Sekai from Zimbabwe : Marriage

Please pray for healing and restoration in my daughter's marriage. May the Holy Spirit convict both my daughter and her husband to set aside pride and let them uphold God's word on marriage for the sake of their marriage and son. Please pray that they talk to each other in truth and in love and may the wall between them crumble in Jesus mighty name so that they may find time to discuss and resolve the problems in their marriage.

jiss thomas kerala from india: family

praise the lord .. please prayer for my family name susan & name abin they have mental depression

Tatenda Sachikonye from Zimbabwe: I am in need of a new Job. am horticulturalist by proffession. i lost my job in April 2016

Am kindly requesting prayers for a new dream Job.

George polk from grovetown:

Dear Lord, I offer you this prayer, to help me with my current relationship situation. Please take away all the pain and hurt in our heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way as a couple. Please touch the heart of my partner,fill it with much love for me and i for her. Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other's heart and mind. Lord please hear and favor my prayer.

Tim G. from Lithuania:

I have severe depression, no job, running out of money, no future. I'm at the end of my rope, feeling suicidal. God is my last hope. Please, please pray for me Thank you

Alfred Brown Jr from 37 North st,Machias,Maine 04654 USA: pray for Eric's salvation & healing

Please have mercy upon me. I needs your help. Please with all your heart pray for Eric. He needs your Good Prayers. Eric needs Jesus. Pray God will open his eyes to his deep need for Jesus. Pray God people will help Eric to know, love, trust and hope in Jesus. Pray Eric will have the grace to put his life in to the loving hands of Jesus Christ.

Lucy from Ireland : Prayer in time of need

Dear Lord please pray for me as I feel so broken and so very alone and sad Thank you so much

Jayesh Patel from United States: tired

please pray to father god to renew my strength like the eagle and cure my fatigue and tiredness

Alina Ciausu from Romania:

Please pray with me for my success to receive university admission. And for my boyfriend Seung Chun to be always healthy,happy and for me to be a good partner for him .

navin kharati from India:

Lord, You who knows everything, You know my love is true. My wife's family is trying to arrange a marriage for her to another man. He is from a powerful family while I am from a lower caste. Prayer is my only weapon against their threats. Please help me.

Cathy from Naas:

My brother gets bad spasms in leg - please pray that they will ease.

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