28 February 2020

Father Liam Lawton meets members of the congregation following the celebration of Mass and Benediction in the Church of the Assumption on Monday last, 27th. March 2017

LL17 01

 Patricia Buggy, Father Liam Lawton


LL17 02

 Tom Gallagher and Father Liam

LL17 03

 Joan & Tom Gallagher, Father Liam, Father Joe.

LL17 04

 Tom Whelan and Father Liam

LL17 05

Deirdre Whelan, Sr. Margaret Burke, Father Liam 

LL17 06

Colleen Martin, Father Liam 

LL17 07


LL17 08

 Father Liam, Sheila Donoghue

LL17 09

 Father Liam and Michael Flanagan

LL17 18

Marion Grennan, Father Liam, Jimmy Grennan 


LL17 12

 Brendan Buggy, Father Liam, Carmel Buggy

LL17 13

Father Liam, Maureen Cunningham, Séan Breathnach, Ed Cunningham 

LL17 14

 Mary Cunningham, Rena Cunningham, Father Liam, Tom Cunningham

LL17 15

 Maureen Cunningham, Séan Breathnach, Ed Cunningham

LL17 16

 Father Liam, Joan Godley, Aidan Barry, Tom Nolan.