29 February 2020

All of Tullamore's secondary schools were extremely well represented at the
Young Scientist  Exhibition  which  took  place  recently  at  Dublin's R.D.S.

YS17 01

Killian Fogarty from Tullamore College presents his project "The Answer Is Blowing
In The Wind"  to judge Sean Corish

YS17 02 

 YS17 03

 YS17 04

Róisín Daly, Rachel Conroy and Hannah Daly all from S.H.S. Tullamore and some images
from their entry: "The Effects Of Chewing Gum On Shoulder Internal Rotation" 

YS17 05 

 YS17 06

YS17 07

Ciannait Goulding and Alana Dillon from Tullamore College who studied
the Chemistry of Chlorophyl 

YS17 08

YS17 09

Stephen Harte, Tullamore College and his entry: "Do Music Frequencies Effect Microscopic
Water Creatures On The Grand Canal?" 

YS17 10


YS17 11

Aivan Jose from Coláiste Choilm was awarded second place in his category for
his investigation into the use of natural plant oils as an antiproliferative cancer agents.

YS17 12

Lucy Leonard and Michelle Mann from Tullamore College who were awarded
second place in their category for investigating the difference in bacterial
contamination when handling and using a device to insert contact lenses. 

YS17 13

Caolam Maguire and Shane Gilbride from Beech Hill College, Monaghan
developed an "inexpensive mobile device to help the elderly". The inspiration
came from Caolam's experiences in caring for his grandmother.

YS17 21

Dermot Reidy of Young Scientist staff finding out all about "The Wonders
Of Red Palm Oil" from Jessica Okpeaye Moate Community College

YS17 22

 YS17 29

 YS17 30

 David Meade (mentalist) entertaining some of the students in the R.D.S.

 YS17 31

 Making robots using Lego

 YS17 32

 Getting ready to dance

 YS17 33

 The science of snakes

 YS17 34

 Exploring "Virtual Reality"

 YS17 36

 What's going on inside of me

 YS17 37

 Helpful hints for studying

 YS17 38

 Inside the 2fm stand

 YS17 39

 YS17 40

 YS17 41

 "Coder Dojo" introduces younger pupils to computer programming

 YS17 42

A bicycle fitted with this equipmen will notify a nominated mobile phone and
send GPS co-ordinates of the location if it should fall (or be knocked) over

 YS17 43

 Trying to solve the ancient challenge posed by "The Towers Of Hanoi"

 YS17 44

 Getting his head around science!

 YS17 50

 Sections of the estimated 50,000 attendance

 YS17 51

 YS17 52