29 February 2020

A Message to Tullamore Legion of Mary from Argentina concerning the campaign for the canonisation of Alfie Lambe.


From: Maria Noelia Garcia Clua - Subject: Alfie Cause

Dear friend, 

I am extremely glad to tell you that, after a long time (over 30 years!) and a lot of striving from many people through the years, we are finally closing the diocesan stage of Alfie Cause. A Closure Ceremony will take place here in Buenos Aires at the end of the month. The date is March 26 th (Thursday), at 11.00 am. The place, Our Lady of Mercy Parish, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

This is a Really Great Event and it would be WONDERFUL if any of you could join to our joy, right here in Buenos Aires.  But if cannot, then we beg you all prayers for this event and for the next stage... Rome!

We understand there is little time to arrange a trip, but I told you as soon as I confirmed the date. 

My warm regards (and not just because we are over 30ºC today!) Please, share this information with anyone you think could be interested. 

God bless and Mary keep you all really near to Her tender heart.


Fr. Oliver Skelly & Fr. Martin Halpin intend  to attend the Ceremony in Buenos Aires 26/03/15.

When the data goes to Rome many prayers are needed as Miracles will help Alfie to be Canonised, God Willing.