29 February 2020


Catholic Schools Week has been celebrated in Ireland for the last 5 years.  This annual event calls on Catholic schools to give expression in a special way to a particular aspect of Catholic education.  This year the them Catholic Schools: Called to Serve lends itself to examine what we understand by service and who it is our schools serve.  To this end, Catholic education is called to self-reflect and refresh its mission.

Serve, as a word, is a call to action.  As a concept, to serve is an integral element of Jesus’ mission in the Gospels.  Education is a platform from which all are called to serve – parents, teachers, students, community and the wider world.  In particular, Catholic schools place at the centre of their ethos an identity with the mission of Jesus Christ, who continually calls all who hear his voice to serve.  This week we contemplate some of the ways in which our mission to serve can be fulfilled.

Catholic schools have a unique capacity to encourage personal growth and provide an understanding of the world to the young people they serve.  The aim of a Catholic school is to provide a purposeful and holistic support to the development of our young people.  It is an earnest endeavour to contribute to and serve in the Kingdom of God.  Chris Richardson comments: ‘Catholic schools are communities, where members are encouraged to make Christ present for each other’.  It is through this service that the ethos of a Catholic school becomes less rhetorical and more of a lived reality.

During Catholic Schools week there are a number of special events including a special evening for the parents of 1st Communion and Confirmation Children and an evening of fun for the boys and girls of junior and senior infants.